Monday, June 3 2019

Even with so many stunning options when it comes to designing and re-fitting bathrooms, homeowners are often left disappointed when the water pressure in their house can’t provide the powerful shower experience they have longed for. That’s why we’ve introduced EVE – a new shower pump to provide homeowners with the water pressure and shower experience they expect from their brand-new bathroom and throughout the home.

Following a bathroom refurbishment, many homeowners become disappointed when the water pressure is weaker than expected, as while the pressure may not have been so problematic before the renovation, the difference in water pressure suddenly becomes noticeable afterwards.

Popular ‘rainfall’ shower heads, especially, are often designed for high pressure systems, and the sudden upgrade in the size of the shower head means the water is less concentrated in one area, leaving homeowners with a lack-lustre shower, rather than the luxury experience they had been hoping for.

Designed to overcome this problem, our new pump EVE can be fitted either before, during or after a bathroom refurbishment, and provides increased water pressure that is sustained even when other outlets in the home are using water, to ensure the ultimate shower experience.

Gareth Richards, technical director here at Salamander Pumps, explains: “We want to make sure people know that they don’t have to live with poor shower performance, especially when they’ve invested so much time and money in creating their dream bathroom.

“Until now, identifying the right pump for each home’s needs has been quite a complex task, but EVE makes this easy for homeowners. In short, if your home has a gravity-fed system, where there’s a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard and a water tank in the loft, EVE will work.”

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