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Where you can use AquaScan?

AquaScan is a digital water multimeter that can be used to measure flow, temperature, pressure and water hardness in a range of circumstances.

Adequate water pressure is essential for the proper functioning of appliances and fixtures within the property. Low water pressure can affect showers, washing machines or dishwashers. AquaScan can confirm the incoming mains water pressure into a property and accurately indicate that pressure is poor.

Water hardness is a problem which can cause limescale build-up, blocking pipes and reducing the efficiency of water using appliances such boilers and kettles. Knowing the water hardness is important to understanding what preventive measures can be taken to protect appliances, like installing a Salamander Pumps’ water conditioners.

AquaScan can easily measure the temperature of water, which is important not only from a performance perspective, but a safety one too. For example, it helps installers to determine if they need to install a Thermostatic Mixing Valve in a hot water system or to ensure that already installed TMV is operating correctly.

AquaScan incorporates four measurement tools therefore it allows you to take multiple types of readings at the same time, from one device. For example, on a combination boiler, if the temperature of water coming from the tap is not hot enough, it could indicate that the thermostat has failed, or that limescale has had a detrimental effect on flow and temperature reducing the efficiency of the boiler. All these issues would be highlighted by using AquaScan.

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