AccuBoost 330L Pumped

AccuBoost will provide a solution in properties where the current mains water supply is unable to meet demand. Ideal for use with combination boilers or unvented systems where there is poor pressure and flow.

Our range of accumulator tanks store water at pressure, when an outlet is opened the water from the tank is released providing additional flow to the mains supply. 

AccuBoost pumped variants will always maintain a flow rate of 12 litres per minute, in addition to the extra flow provided by the tank.

AccuBoost pumped variants are suitable for properties with a flow rate below 12 litres per minute and/or the static pressure is below 2.0 bar. If the flow rate/static pressure is unknown, select a pumped model. 

*Short-term and in limited availability - see 330L additional install information

  • Lightweight, composite material
  • Supplied as one unit ready to install
  • Link multiple tanks together for additional capacity
  • 3 year warranty
Guarantee   3 Years
Specification Maximum Operating Pressure 8.6 Bar
Vessel Size (Litres) 330
Maximum Water Vessel Water Storage Capacity (Litres) 150.5
Dimensions Height (mm) 1407
Width (mm) 635
Depth (mm) 651
Weights Empty Weight (kg) 42.7
Filled Weight (kg) 193.2
Maximum Weight (kg) 343.7
Pump Pump Type Regenerative
Mechanical Seal PTFE
Pump body/Impeller Brass
Enclosure Protection IPX4
Motor Type Capacitor start and run induction motor
Duty Rating Continuous
Electrical Power Supply/Phase/Frequency 230v/1/50Hz
Current (Full load) 1.9 A
Power Consumption 410w
Fuse Rating 3A
Power Cable Pre-wired with plug
Connections Pump 3/4” male BSP
Anti vibration Couplers 3/4” female BSP - 22m push-in
Tank 3/4" male BSP
Performance Maximum Head 3 bar/400kPa
Maximum Flow Rate 30l/min
Time at Maximum Flow Rate 9 mins
Minimum Continuous Flow Rate 12l/min

Performance values may be higher if mains natural flow is above 12l/m

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