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What is the difference between positive and negative head?

Gravity fed systems can be either positive head or negative head, depending on the location of your cold water storage tank, pipework and outlets. A positive head pump will work in a positive head system and a universal pump will work in either.

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What do bar ratings mean?

All of the pumps available at Salamander Pumps are rated in ‘bar’, which is the measure of pressure – 1 bar pressure being equal to 10 metres static head of water (the pressure exerted by 10 metres of water).

The higher the bar rating, the higher the pressure. The following is a general guide for applications:

1.5 bar pressure for one shower, tap or appliance
2.0 bar pressure for two or three showers, taps or appliances or a bathroom
3.0 bar pressure for the whole house.

What is the difference between a centrifugal pump and a regenerative pump?

The Salamander CT range of pumps are regenerative and the Right Pumps are centrifugal.

A centrifugal pump uses centrifugal force to move water efficiently and quietly.

A regenerative pump move water so that the flow in and the flow out go in the same direction as the axis of rotation of the impeller. Water movs around the casing surrounding the impeller blades and the energy created is used to draw more water into the pump.

What is a continuous rating?

All Salamander shower pumps are continuously rated. This means you can run them for as long as you like.

What technology is inside a Salamander pump?

Please view the Technology Inside page for more details.

What noise levels should be expected from a Salamander pump?

To gain an understanding of what a shower pump sounds like, click on the video link to the left to hear a single brass CT Force 20PS in action.

For the full CT Force 20 PS installation video click here to visit the PlumberParts YouTube channel.

Quiet Mark

CT Xtra, CT Force and the Right Pump range have been awarded Quiet Mark, confirmng that each product is one of the quietest within it's category.


* Independently tested, contact Salamander Pumps for further information.
* RP50PT has been independently tested to run at just 45.5dBA.  For more information on the independent testing please call 0191 516 2002.



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