Replace your Techflo with a Salamander Right Pump

The Right Pump range from Salamander Pumps is an excellent quiet alternative if you need to replace a Stuart Turner Techflo pump (which are no longer available.)

If you are looking to boost water performance to the shower or whole house in a gravity fed installation the Right Pump is the pump of choice.

View the full Right Pump range or use the table below to select your Techflo equivalent model.

Stuart Turner Techflo

stuart turner techflo

Salamander Right Pump

Replacement Techflo Pump

Techflo qt s1.3 single RP55PS
Techflo qt s1.3 twin RP50PT
Techflo qt s2.3 single RP80PS
Techflo qt s2.3 twin RP75PT
Techflo qt s3.3 single RP120PS
Techflo qt s3.3 twin RP100PT
Techflo qt u2.3 single RP80SU
Techflo qt u2.3 twin RP75TU
Techflo qt u3.3 single RP120SU
Techflo qt u3.3 twin RP100TU
Techflo tp1.5 bar twin RP50PT
Techflo tp 2.0 bar twin RP75PT
Techflo tp 2.0 bar single RP80PS


Profile comparison between Salamander Right Pump and Stuart Turner Techflo
The red line shows the outline of the Techflo qt 3.3 bar standard and universal variants.

Techflo qt S3.3 bar



Right pumps form our premium product range here at Salamander Pumps, offering the most powerful performance. Utilising centrifugal force, they are quieter and more flow efficient than regenerative pumps. The universal versions also have added technology that protects the pump from the most common issues.

These pumps will boost hot and/or cold water supplies to thermostatic or manual mixer shower valves, supplying a wide range of shower types and shower heads, individual taps, cisterns and other bathroom and whole house applications. Options are available for boosting champagne spray, massage function and multiple body sprays too.

Suitable for use in a gravity fed system, positive head and universal (negative head) models are both available.

From just 45.5dBA, these shower pumps are also the quietest on the market. Independently tested against the competition equivalent, the RP50PT is the quietest shower pump available.

Quietest pumps in the range, most powerful pumps in the range, patented technology, AV couplers included.

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