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How to Check a Shower Pump Which Isn’t Working or Has Low Pressure

How to Clean Shower Pump Filters

How to Measure Water Flow Rate

What to Do When a Shower Pump Loses Pressure or Won’t Start on Either Hot or Cold Water

What to Do When a Shower Pump Stops and Starts Intermittently How to Check a Pressure Vessel

What to Do When a Shower Pump Stops and Starts Intermittently - The Isolation Test

What to Do When a Positive Shower Pump Won’t Turn On

Regenerative vs Centrifugal

Not sure if you need a centrifugal or regenerative shower pump, or want to know the differences between the two? 


Boosting Mains Water Myth Busting

Boosting the the incoming mains water can be a simple solution to poor water performance.

Mains Booster Range Overview

Learn about our range of MainsBooster products, offering a solution to low mains pressure and flow. 

EVE - Product Video

EVE is our innovative new shower pump, watch this video to understand some of its key features. 

EVE - Ultimate Shower Experience

EVE gives you the ultimate shower experience. Watch this video to see it in action! 

EVE - Live Demonstration

Our Training Manager Ken and Design Engineer Simon take you through some of the features and benefits of EVE!

Unusual Shower Pump Noise

Training Manager, Ken Vance, explains why your pump might be making these noises and how you can prevent them from happening.

What is a Gravity-Fed System?

Trying to figure out what plumbing system you have? This video explains how you can identify a gravity fed system. 

How Quiet Are Shower Pumps?

Ken Vance, Training Manager at Salamander Pumps, explains the noise of a shower pumps.

Right Pump Installation Guide

Find out the top tips for when installing one of our Right Pumps! These pumps are some of the quietest in the UK.

HomeBoost Installation Guide

Find out some top tips for installing a HomeBoost pump! HomeBoost will boost the incoming mains to 12ltr/min.

Water Pressure Races!

Do you suffer with low water pressure problems? Slow filling baths and  disappointing showers are annoying!

HomeBoost installation

Watch how to install a Salamander HomeBoost and see how quiet and compact the product is.

Plumber Parts HomeBoost review

PlumberParts reviewed our HomeBoost pump, watch this video to see the install and find out what he thought of the product: 

HomeBoost Comparison

See HomeBoost being installed in comparison to a competitor product and check out how quiet the pumps really is.

Positive and negative head

How to tell the difference between positive and negative head systems.

HomeBoost introduction

Find out more on the Salamander HomeBoost.

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