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Why use a shower pump?

Many homes in the UK experience low water pressure, which can reduce water flow to a trickle meaning it takes a long time to fill a kettle, cistern or bath.

It can be caused by many things, for example if you have a mains fed water system then your pressure can be affected by how much water other people are using at the same time, or even if your home is at the top of a hill as water companies rely on gravity to get water from a reservoir to your home.

If you have a heating and hot water system that relies on gravity to move water around the home, while fine for most household needs, a gravity fed system rarely provides enough pressure to give powerful invigorating showers or quick bath-fills.

And that’s where our products come in…

The difference a pump can make

The additional pressure created by a pump gives you the pressure to create an invigorating shower, or to fill your bath more quickly.

The image below depicts before and after a shower pump is used:

Salamander Pumps Power Shower Salamander Pumps Power Shower
Without a pump With a pump

4 other reasons to install a shower pump:

1. No dribbles

The perfect shower is consistently warm and powerful. There’s nothing more annoying than a shower that goes from a revitalising torrent to a frustrating drip. A shower pump can help reduce unexpected changes in pressure, giving you constant powerful and refreshing showers.

2. Cleaner feeling

A shower should leave you feeling cleansed and refreshed bus some of our recent research has found that 11% of people said that they felt ‘unclean’ after a low-pressure shower. Improving your water pressure with a pump will help create that clean and invigorated feeling that a good shower gives.

4. Keep the peace

Our survey has shown that there are 42 arguments a year caused by low water pressure! Petty arguments could become a thing of the past (or at lease reduced) if you don’t get annoyed by someone ‘stealing’ your water whilst you are in the shower!

3. Happiness!

A shower can affect your mood, a blasting shower can lift your mood but equally 43% of people said that a trickling shower has a negative impact on their mental state. Increasing your water pressure and improving your shower could be the first step on the path to happiness! 


*All data comes from Salamander Pumps’ 2018 survey

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