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5 Reasons Why Showers are Better Than Baths

We’re still wondering why the bath v shower debate still exists when showers are so practical, efficient and leave you feeling ready to take on anything. But if you still feel like sitting in a puddle of lukewarm water, these five reasons will convince you why showers are better than baths…

They’re more hygienic

The constant flow of clean water from a lovely powerful shower rinses everything straight down the drain rather than leaving you sitting in a puddle of grime-infused water- yuck! Not only this, showers can also help your skin, as washing your hair in the bath leaves you bathing in shampoo and conditioner, ultimately stripping your skin of its natural oils.

They’re easier to maintain

Nobody likes to clean the bathroom, but showers provide a way of making it significantly easier. Rather than leaning into yoga-like positions to scrub away your bath-residue, showers simply require a simple spray and wipe down.

They’re better for the environment

Showers are often be better for the environment by using less water than the average bath. While a bath can hold up to 80 litres, a typical eight minute electric shower will use 62 litres. And for those of us who spend less than five minutes in the shower, it’s under 40 litres!

They’re consistent

One of the best things about showers is that they don’t gradually drop in temperature like a bath. Neither do the bubbles gradually dissolve around you. And the best showers of all are those that keep up the pressure and temperature even when someone else flushes the loo. When you step into a shower, nothing changes unless you want it to.

They’re great to sing in

If the previous points weren’t enough to convince you, remember there’s nothing better than your voice in the shower. Whilst we may not all be blessed with a voice like Beyoncé, stepping into the shower allows us to unleash our inner performer, even if only for a short time. No one wants to sing in the bath…

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