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Increase Water Pressure and Flow


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What causes low water pressure?

Low water pressure can be caused by poor natural head on a gravity system, or an increase in demand ie if more than one outlet is used at the same time, or an extension/ new bathroom etc has been added to a property. On mains fed systems, water pressure will vary throughout the day and at peak demand times a drop in performance may be noticed. Other contributors to low water pressure may include poor plumbing or blocked pipework, blocked filters, bent AV Couplers/ hoses and air in the system.

Is my water pressure low?

Signs of low water pressure could be a sink or bathtub taking forever to fill, the shower might not be as powerful as you want, or your dishwasher could take longer to cycle than necessary.

If your natural water flow rate is less than 10 L/min then you will probably notice these signs. To check your water flow rate you can carry out a flow rate test.

Our products have been designed to offer a solution to low water pressure in the home. Find the right product for you by using our product selector.

Why is my hot water pressure low but cold is fine?

The water pressure can vary when the hot and cold water are supplied in different ways, such as when the hot water is supplied by a gravity fed system and the cold water is supplied directly from the mains. This can be seen when running a mixer tap and the pressure of the mains fed cold water is fine, but the gravity fed hot water pressure is poor.

It is possible to overcome this by using a universal, single ended pump to improve the gravity fed hot water pressure. If the hot water is supplied via a hot water cylinder, check for any blockages or restrictions in pipework that could be effecting the performance.

How to fix low water pressure?

Our range of water boosting solutions offer a solution to low water pressure and/or flow.

If you have a gravity fed system, installing a shower, bathroom or whole house pump from our GravityBooster range can resolve the low water pressure in the home.

If you have a mains fed system, such as a combination boiler or an unvented cylinder, one of our MainsBooster inline pumps or accumulator products will improve the water pressure and flow.

How do I increase water pressure?

If you suffer from poor water pressure in your home one of our products can offer the perfect solution to boosting water pressure and/or flow. The results are: improved shower performance, quicker bath fill and strong flowing taps.

However, it is important to make sure that you get the right pump for your system. Use our product selector to help you find the right product.


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High water pressure and low water pressure comparison

Do You Suffer From Low Water Pressure and Flow?

Do you suffer with low water pressure and flow problems? Slow filling baths and disappointing showers are annoying!


Choosing The Right Product


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What is a gravity-fed water system?

A gravity fed water system is identified by a cold-water storage tank, usually stored in a loft, and a hot water cylinder. These systems rely on gravity to force water around the system, with the height of the cold-water storage tank determining the pressure throughout the system.

Cold water is delivered to the cold-water storage tank from the water mains. Cold water from the cold-water storage tank is then supplied to the outlets around the system, such as taps, toilets, showers and baths.

The cold-water storage tank also feeds the hot water cylinder, where a heating coil from the boiler or immersion heater will cause the cold water to become hot. Once an outlet requiring hot water is opened, gravity will force cold water from the cold-water storage tank into the hot water cylinder, this will then force hot water out from the top of the cylinder, delivering hot water to the open outlet.

It is common for gravity fed water systems to suffer with low pressure, installing one of our gravity fed shower pumps can help to improve the pressure, click here to see our range gravity-fed shower pumps.

Gravity-fed water systems are either positive or negative head. Before choosing a gravity-fed shower pump it is important to know whether your system is positive head of negative head, click here for further information.

If you’re unsure which product you need read our guide to selecting the right product, or use our product selector tool.

What is a mains fed system?

A mains fed system is one which is fed directly by the mains water such as a combination boiler or an unvented hot water cylinder.

What is a positive head shower pump?

A positive head pump will activate when a minimum flow of water passes through the pump and out of the pumped outlet, such as a shower or tap, naturally (without assistance from the pump). The minimum flow rate required for our positive head pumps is 2 litres of water per minute (L/min).

If you don’t have this minimum flow rate from all outlets that are to be pumped, or if you’re not sure, then you will need a universal (negative head) pump.

What is a universal (negative head) shower pump?

A universal (negative head) is suitable for boosting water pressure in any gravity fed system.  These pumps are activated by a drop in pressure in the system caused by an outlet being opened, such as tap or shower being turned on.

Positive head pumps are activated when at least 2 litres per minute passes through the pump, and are therefore activated by flow rather than pressure. All outlets that are to be pumped must receive the minimum flow of 2 litres per minute for a positive head pump to be used.

So in systems with little (less than 2 litres per minute) or no natural flow, a universal (negative head) pump will be required.

What is a single pump?

Single impeller pumps supply either hot or cold water, to single or multiple outlets. This can often be when the cold water is mains fed and the hot needs to be boosted to match this pressure.

What is a twin pump?

Twin pumps have two impellers and are designed to supply both hot and cold water to showers, bathrooms and whole house installations.


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Gravity fed system diagram

What is a Gravity-Fed System?

Trying to figure out what plumbing system you have? This video explains how you can identify a gravity fed system.

Positive and Negative head systems

What are the Differences Between Positive and Negative Head Systems?

How to tell the difference between positive and negative head systems.


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