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1. The scope of the warranty

Salamander Pumped Shower Systems Ltd (“the company”) Warrant’s subject to the terms and conditions below for the Warranty period(s) specified in paragraph 3 that the Company shall:

Repair or replace free of charge the product(s) specified on the Warranty card or any component part thereof (together referred to as “the equipment”) which shall in the opinion of the Company have proved defective by reason only of the Company’s materials or workmanship providing always that the Company shall be under no obligation whatsoever under this Warranty to repair or replace equipment which shall have been misused, modified, altered or transformed in any way without the consent in writing of the Company or if any component or accessory shall have been replaced by a type not specified by the Company or if the equipment is incorrectly installed or operated or used other than as described in the installation manual or if any servicing or repair of the equipment shall have been carried out other than by an authorised Company dealer appointed by the Company (“dealer”)

The Company’s liability under this Warranty is limited to the said repairs or replacement and shall under no circumstances extend to any financial loss or damage including consequential losses alleged to have been suffered by the claimant.

Subject as provided in this warranty and except where the equipment is sold to a person dealing as a consumer all warranties, conditions or other terms implied by law are excluded to the fullest permitted by law.

Nothing in this warranty shall exclude liability for death or personal injury caused by the Company’s negligence.

2. Terms and conditions

NB: We strongly recommend that you contact Salamander’s technical team on 0191 5162002 prior to taking part in the extended warranty scheme. This will enable us to ensure the installation is correct for your pump and highlight any upgrades that may be required to the system to continue the warranty on the pump.

This warranty shall only be enforceable by you if the following terms and conditions have been complied with:

  1. That the pump has been installed in accordance with the installation instructions, guidance and advice contained within the installation and warranty guide and/or provided by the Salamander Pump-wise help desk.
  2. You are the original purchaser of the equipment from a dealer and not an assignee or subsequent purchaser of the equipment.
  3. You must evidence the date of purchase by retaining the original invoice from the dealer. Without such evidence the Company reserves the right to reject any such claims under the terms of this Warranty.
  4. Within 15 days of delivery of the equipment to you the Warranty card is accurately completed and returned to the Company
  5. Within thirty days of discovery of a defect giving rise to liability under paragraph 1 above you give notice thereof in writing to the Company.

3. The Warranty periods

The Warranty periods referred to in paragraph 1 above are as follows:

  1. Products manufactured by the Company 3 years from the date of purchase provided the warranty card is completed and returned to the Company within 15 days of purchase.
  2. Products supplied by the Company, but not of the Company’s manufacture – 1 year from date of purchase
  3. The warranty period in respect of any product repaired or replaced under the warranty shall be part of the above period(s) which remain unexpired.
  4. In the event of a claim for repairs or replacement being made under the terms of this Warranty in the circumstances where in the opinion of the Company the defect has not been caused by the Company’s materials or workmanship then the Company reserves the right to charge the claimant at its current hourly rates and list prices in respect of any service engineer’s time and any replacement of parts
  5. This Warranty is given in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.
  6. This Warranty is valid and enforceable for equipment purchased and used exclusively in the UK and the Republic of Ireland only.
  7. Where the Company makes a replacement the equipment replaced shall be returned to the Company forthwith and shall become the property of the Company
  8. No authority has been given to any person, firm or company to vary the terms of this Warranty.
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