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Salamander Pumps offers a comprehensive range of products designed to power your shower, tap, or the whole house, as well as innovative solutions for gaining valuable water insights.

It is important to select the right water boosting product for your hot water system. There are three main types of hot water system in the United Kingdom, these systems are shown below.


Homes with a gravity fed water system often suffer with low water pressure or may want to increase the shower pressure. The pumps in our GravityBooster range provide a solution to this common problem, including products that will increase water pressure to the shower, bathroom, or whole house.

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Low mains water pressure and flow in the home can be overcome by installing a product from our MainsBooster range. We have a variety of solutions for properties, whether a combi boiler is installed or unvented cylinder.

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Mainsbooster product range


AquaScan is a digital water multimeter that combines the technology to measure pressure, flow, temperature, and hardness in one unit.

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Get the most out your pump with Salamander Pumps' comprehensive range of pump accessories, including S-Flange, Hoses, Fitting Kits, None Return Valves and more.

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What Type of Water System Do I Have?

Illustration showing a gravity system

Gravity Fed

These systems rely on gravity to force water around the system, with the height of the cold-water storage tank determining the pressure throughout the system. A shower or whole house pump can be installed to increase the water pressure and flow in a gravity fed system.

Illustration showing a combi mains system

Mains Fed: Combi Boiler

A combination boiler is fed from the cold-water mains. Water is supplied at mains pressure and flow throughout the home. Hot water is delivered on demand with no need for stored water.

Illustration showing an unvented system

Mains Fed: Unvented

In these systems hot water is stored within a cylinder, heated through the use of a boiler, an internal immersion heater or solar thermal process. When hot water is required, it is forced from the cylinder at the pressure of the incoming mains.

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