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Boost the water pressure and flow in gravity and mains fed properties. For Installers

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Interested in learning more about product selection and installation of the Salamander Pumps’ range? Visit the Salamander eSchool.

Developed in conjunction with the CIPHE, the Salamander eSchool is a free online tool packed with helpful training modules, featuring games, interactive imagery and animated technical videos. Designed to give installers the knowledge, applications and best practice for installing our products.

Salamander eSchool

Where can I access training on Salamander Pumps products?

We have a range of training tools including:

  • Salamander eSchool – our online training platform featuring courses to develop your understanding of our products, their application and installation.
  • Videos – we’ve got a host of helpful tutorial videos including ‘how to install’, including on our AccuBoost accumulator vessel ranges, ‘top tips’ to help you avoid common installation pitfalls.
  • Articles – there is an array of educational articles on our website, providing a written supplement to the videos.
  • Webinars – Mike, our Training Manger, regularly hosts webinars for installers, students or anyone looking to learn more about our products. Sign up to our newsletter to find out about our upcoming training sessions.
  • In-person training – if you’re a college or training center our Training Manger can arrange to hold in-person training sessions.
Where can I access product downloads?

Visit the downloads page to access all of Salamander Pumps downloadable content, including brochures, installation manuals and datasheets.

What accessories does Salamander Pumps offer?

We offer a range of accessories that will ensure a smooth installation, protect the products from damage caused by aeration, dry running, excessive temperatures and can help to dampen noise.

You can view the all available accessories on our shop.

How do I access support for a product I have installed?

The Customer Support section offers guidance on pre installation, installation and post installation enquiries, including FAQs, videos, downloads and articles. For support relating to your product’s warranty, visit the Warranty Support section, where you can request a replacement product, site survey or a service engineer visit.

How long are Salamander Pumps’ warranty periods?

The table below shows the warranty periods for each of our products:

GravityBoosterOra1 years warranty
GravityBoosterCT Xtra3 years warranty
GravityBoosterCT Bathroom3 years warranty
GravityBoosterCT Force5 years warranty
GravityBoosterRight Pump3 years warranty
MainsBoosterTapBoost1 years warranty
MainsBoosterCombiBoost1 years warranty
MainsBoosterHomeBoost3 years warranty
MainsBoosterAccuBoost3 years warranty
MainsBoosterTankBoost2 years warranty
What checks should I carry out after installing a shower pump?

To successfully activate the pump on first operation: Connect the pump to the pipework, turn on incoming water supply and ensure that all isolating valves are open. Open an outlet and check for natural flow. Ensure all air is purged from the system and inspect connections and connecting pipework for leaks. Plug in electrical supply to pump and turn on. The flow will now increase as the pump activates. Close the outlet fully and the pump will stop.

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