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Salamander Pumped Shower Systems Ltd. is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of water pumps for the domestic and commercial markets

Our aim is to implement and maintain an Environmental Management System within the company’s Integrated Management system that meets:

  1. Our business needs
  2. The requirements of ISO 14001

The company will meet all of its compliance obligations these will include, preventing pollution, meeting all current UK Environmental Legislation related to its business operations and ensuring it meets future legislation when required.

The company will also on a continual improvement basis reduce any negative impact on the environment by improving our environmental performance, by setting measurable environmental improvement objectives aimed at protecting the environment by:

  1. Recycling of waste where possible
  2. Use of recyclable materials
  3. Improving the design of future pumps

The company will also consider sustainability when purchasing goods and services and where practicable will purchase from sustainable sources.

All Staff will be made aware of our:

  1. Environmental Policy
  2. The company’s IMS and their responsibilities within it.
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