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Solutions for Low Water Pressure

Cracked or damaged pipes and mineral deposits can have a huge impact on your home’s water pressure. In our latest blog post, we talk you through some of the solutions for low water pressure.

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How to measure your flow rate

How to Measure Your Flow Rate

Worried that you may be suffering from low water pressure but would rather do your own checks before calling a plumber? Testing the water flow in your home is a quick and simple task if you follow the three-step strategy provided by Salamander Pumps.

All you need for the test is a measuring jug and a timer.

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Boost Sprinkler Water

Improve Turf Management by Boosting Water Performance

When maintaining a large green space such as turf and sports grounds, water demand is always high. Without a strong flow of water, groundskeeping can become quite a difficult task. That's why our R&D Department have developed and designed an ideal solution to help boost water performance.

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Salamander Pumps Shower and Whole House Pumps Choosing the Right Pump

Choosing the Right Product

If you suffer from poor water pressure and flow in your home one of our products can often be the perfect solution. The results are; improved shower performance, quicker bath fill and strong flowing taps. However, it is important to make sure that you get the right product for your heating system.

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How To TapBoost Installation Salamander Pumps

How to Install TapBoost

A low pressure tap is a nuisance for homeowners. From a slow flowing kitchen tap making washing dishes difficult, to a low pressure outside tap taking forever to fill a watering can. That’s where TapBoost can help.

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HomeBoost Box

How to Install HomeBoost and CombiBoost

Low water pressure has an impact on the day-to-day lives of homeowners across the UK, and many home owners are often unaware that actually, there could be an easy solution to solve their pressure problems. HomeBoost and CombiBoost both offer a solution to these problems!

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AccuBoost Specification Skill Builder

How to Specify the Right Accumulator Tank

AccuBoost Accumulator vessels offer a great solution to low water pressure in a home, however, with so many different vessels available, choosing the right accumulator for the job can seem like a complicated process.

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