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HomeBoost Installation Case Study

HomeBoost Installation

Watch how to install a Salamander HomeBoost and see how quiet and compact the product is.

Salamander S Flange Installation

The Importance of Installing a Flange

Watch this video to understand why it is important to protect a shower pump from aeration, and how installing a flange can help you to do this.


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Can TapBoost be used in gravity-fed systems?

TapBoost can be installed on a hot or cold outlet in a gravity-fed system. However, there must be a minimum natural flow of 1.2 L/min from the outlet to be boosted.

Can TapBoost be used in mains-fed systems such as combination boilers or unvented systems?

TapBoost can be installed in combi boiler systems to boost either a hot or cold outlet.

TapBoost cannot be installed on hot water pipes/outlets from an unvented system – TapBoost should only be fitted to a cold-water outlet in unvented systems.

There must be a minimum natural flow of 1.2 L/min from any outlet to be boosted.

Can TapBoost be used for drinking (potable) water?

Yes, TapBoost can be used to boost outlets providing drinking water such as kitchen taps.

Can I install TapBoost in a bathroom?

Yes. TapBoost can be installed in certain zones within a bathroom, however the plug/power supply must be outside of the bathroom and the installation must adhere to the latest I.E.E. electrical regulations. Refer to the installation manual for more information.

Can TapBoost be fitted horizontally or vertically?

TapBoost can be installed horizontally or vertically however for optimum performance it is better fitted vertically. Never install TapBoost upside down or against the direction of flow.

How far from the outlet can TapBoost be fitted?

TapBoost should be fitted as close to the poorly performing outlet as possible. Correct installation is essential for safe operation and a trouble free system. It is therefore important to read “Installation and warranty guide for TapBoost” thoroughly and ensure you comply with it.

What connections does TapBoost come with?

TapBoost has a 15mm compression fitting on the inlet and a ½” BSP male connection on the outlet. Learn more from “Installation and warranty guide for TapBoost“.

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