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Catalytic Water Conditioner Whole House 24-54 L/min

330x35mm 3/4" BSP-T suitable for 24-54 L/min

The water conditioner 330x35mm has been designed to offer whole house water supply treatment preventing a limescale build-up. Our catalytic water conditioner has been manufactured with ¾” BSP tapered threads at each end allowing the installer to select the correct connection to their in-coming water supply.

The whole house water conditioner 330x35mm has been designed to work with flow rates of between 24 and 54 L/min and has a flow direction arrow engraved, for ease of installation for installers.

All Salamander Pumps’ water conditioners can be installed both vertically and/or horizontally.

Product code: CWCOND03

The following fittings are supplied: 22mm x 3/4” F

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Catalytic Water Conditioners

Salamander Pumps’ Water Conditioners offer single point or whole house water supply treatment, they prevent limescale build-up, protecting your household appliances including a shower pump.

Our Catalytic Water Conditioners use an alloy core which changes the Calcium Carbonate from Calcite to Aragonite. There are no chemicals or salt in this process, which means the water is also safe to drink.

Key Features

  • Single point or whole house water supply treatment,
  • Prevent limescale build-up,
  • Do not use chemicals or salt,
  • Easy to install,
  • Compact design,
  • Environmentally friendly,
  • Maintenance free – no ongoing running costs,
  • No electrical power required,
  • 10-year warranty,
  • WRAS approved.



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Can you drink water with water conditioner?

Yes, you can drink conditioned water because nothing has been added or taken away from the water.

Learn more about Salamander Pumps water conditioners by the link.

Does a water conditioner stop limescale?

Catalytic water conditioners do effectively prevent the build-up of calcium that causes limescale in your pipelines, heating systems, and large and small appliances.

Does the water revert to its original state once it passes through the water conditioner?

Water that passes through a Salamander Pumps’ water conditioner will remain conditioned for up to 3 month if it is stored in a tank.

How do I choose a water conditioner?

It is crucial to choose the right water conditioner to get results. Selecting the wrong size conditioner including using a larger diameter than needed can compromise water delivery and affect treatment quality.

Water conditioners size is selected based on the amount of water flowing through them. Check the flow rate of the incoming water and match this to the relevant water conditioner:

In general applications where the flow rate is known to be low or there is relatively heavy scale build-up inside the pipe already, a conditioner one size smaller than the pipe diameter is recommended. Therefore, it is important for the installer to check the flow rate entering the property.

How long does water conditioner last?

Salamander Pumps’ water conditioners have a warranty of 10 years.

Where is the best place to install the water conditioner?

For the ½” & ¾” whole house water conditioners we recommend that they are fitted after the stop tap entering the property, this will ensure that the whole property will have conditioned water.

The ½” single point water conditioner can be fitted either to the mixer valve outlet or directly before the shower head.

How would an installer know in what direction to fit the water conditioner?

Both the ½” & ¾” water conditioners have flow direction arrows engraved on the outside diameter.

The ½” single point water conditioner can be fitted in any orientation as it has a parallel alloy core.

All Salamander Pumps’ water conditioners can be installed both vertically and/or horizontally.

What if there is no room to fit the water conditioner after the stop tap?

If the water conditioner is being fitted on an open vented (Gravity) system, it can be fitted further downstream to the cold-water tank where the water is held usually in a loft space. This will ensure that the water supplying the hot water cylinder has conditioned water.

If being used on an in-coming mains fed system, it should be fitted before any appliances like combi boilers or unvented cylinders and ideally before any Salamander Pumps’ product like an AccuBoost or TankBoost. In some cases, it might have to be fitted after the kitchen cold water drinking tap.


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Water Conditioners: Limescale Protection | Training Webinar

Salamander Pumps' Training Manager, Mike Oxley, talks through issues associated with the limescale build-up in hard water areas and how catalytic water conditioners can help solve them.



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