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HomeBoost Installation – M J Tiff Plumbing

HomeBoost installedProduct: HomeBoost

System type: Mains fed system – Combination Boiler

Installer details: M J Tiff Plumbing

Date of install: May 2023


The householder of a new build house suffered from poor mains water pressure and flow. The mains delivered 1.5 bar water pressure, and when only one tap was on the pressure dropped down to 1 bar. This was on the first outlet (kitchen tap) coming straight from the mains system. A flow test showed that on this tap the householder was getting 9 L/min.

However, the main problem area was upstairs, where the flow was that bad, they couldn’t even have a shower. The cold and hot water flow from the basin was around 3-4 L/min. in the bath cold water flow was just 3 L/min and the shower was dripping.


As the householder had a combi-boiler (mains-fed system) and such a low water flow, a Salamander Pumps’ Technical Advisor recommended to install a HomeBoost pump.

HomeBoost is an intelligent inline pump that will quietly boost mains water flow, via a combination boiler, up to 12 L/min.

The installer had already fitted HomeBoost before and was impressed by how good this pump was, he had no doubts that this pump would be the perfect solution to low water flow to this property.

For this HomeBoost installation we recommended using a HomeBoost fitting kit. The pump also comes with the comprehensive instructions and it is really simple to install.

The HomeBoost installation boosted water flow up to 12 L/min to the kitchen tap.

As the main problem was upstairs, the householder also expected to see better results there too. The HomeBoost increased water flow to 12L/min from the bath tap and the performance of the shower significantly improved.

“If you’re running on a Combi and the mains pressure into your house isn’t great and you’re struggling for flow rate HomeBoost pump is exactly what you need.”

Mark Tiff, M J Tiff Plumbing

The video below will take you through the entire installation process and show how HomeBoost resolved whole house water pressure and flow problems in this new build property.

HomeBoost unpacked on the floor near the box

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