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AccuBoost 450L With a Pump Installation – Minty Property Developments

AccuBoost 450L with installer from Minty Property DevelopmentsProduct: AccuBoost Accumulator Vessel

System type: Mains fed system

Installer details: Minty Property Developments

Date of install: February 2023


The householder came to Chris Winterton from Minty Property Developments to resolve their water pressure problem as they were dreaming of a more powerful shower experience and were fed up with low-flowing taps and waiting for the kettle to fill. The water flow from the tap was only 2 L/min and from the bath tap only 3 L/min.


The mains water supply to the customer’s home was very low, providing less than 12 litres per minute and pressure below 2.0 bar, therefore a pumped accumulator was required. The installer specified an AccuBoost unvented 450L with a pump*, which provides up to 36L/min. This was perfect for this property which rarely uses more than one shower and tap simultaneously.

Installation of  this AccuBoost vessel was quite straightforward, and the installation guide took Chris through all the requirements. For this installation the installer turned the mains water off and drain the system. Then Chris made the provision for the mains cold feed, as close to the stop tap as possible. A double-check valve and a pressure reducing valve was installed before the unit and pumped models also require a maintenance bypass.

When installing a pumped AccuBoost, a connection is needed from the mains to the pump inlet, and a connection from the AccuBoost pump outlet to the system. The mains water was then turned back on and the system re-filled, ensuring that the isolation valves on the hoses were turned on. The pump was then plugged in and turned on.

The mains water pressure and flow was then improved. AccuBoost helped to increase the water pressure and flow in this property from the kitchen tap to 8L/min and from bath tap to 22 L/min, restrictions in the taps limit the maximum flow rate.

“The customer is really pleased with the results and can now enjoy powerful showers, fast-flowing taps and a quicker bath fill.”

Chris Winterton, Minty Property Developments.

*AccuBoost With a Pump is not available to order. If you’re looking for a solution to boost your mains-fed system, check our TankBoost range.

Pressure Water Accumulator Vessel AccuBoost with installer

AccuBoost Accumulator Vessel Installation & Review

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