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AccuBoost Installation – Vapour Heating Ltd

Product: AccuBoost Accumulator With a Pump

System type: Mains fed system

Installer details: Vapour Heating Ltd

This scenario explores a successful installation of a new boiler with an unvented cylinder, underfloor heating, and smart controls in a residential extension project. The project involved addressing the customer’s requirements for efficient heating, adequate water flow, and reliable performance. This install also highlights the incorporation of a Salamander Pumps AccuBoost Combi 180L With a Pump, which proved to be a perfect match for the unvented cylinder and significantly enhanced the overall system performance.


The customer embarked on a substantial extension project, necessitating the installation of a new heating system. They sought a solution that would cater to the heating needs of the extended property as well as expressed concerns about maintaining adequate water flow to the two bathrooms in the house.


Upon assessing the customer’s requirements and the project’s parameters, the installer recommended a comprehensive solution – an AccuBoost Combi 180L With a Pump. Considering the mains water static pressure was measured at 2 bar, the installer suggested the incorporation of an AccuBoost accumulator with a pump. This addition was crucial to enhance water flow to the two bathrooms in the property. The size of the accumulator perfectly matched the unvented cylinder’s capacity in the basement, providing optimal performance.

The installation of the AccuBoost resulted in a highly efficient heating system with improved water flow. The customer expressed great satisfaction with the overall performance and operation of the installed products. The heating system delivered excellent and reliable hot water supply to the bathrooms, meeting and exceeding the customer’s expectations.

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