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TapBoost Installation – KAS Energy Plumbing and Heating

TapBoost Installation case study KAS Energy Plumbing and HeatingProduct: TapBoost

System type: Gravity fed system

Installer details: KAS Plumbing and Heating

Date of install: February 2022


Stuart had low hot water flow after installing a new tap in his kitchen in February 2022. Describing the hot water coming out of the tap as ‘fairly minimal’.

After discovering the issue Stuart called Tap Store, where he purchased the tap from. He addressed the issue with Will, who was informed that Stuart had a poor performing hot tap in his gravity-fed system.


Will called us directly to identify the problem. Charlotte informed Will of a new product, TapBoost, that would be an ideal solution for Stuart’s under-performing tap.

Sam from KAS Plumbing and Heating installed the pump. He acknowledged that there were other options to fix the tap, such as installing a whole house pump which would have been expensive and unnecessary for one outlet.

After a simple and quick installation, the hot water flow had been greatly improved. Sam described the install as being ‘really simple’ and was surprised at how quiet the pump was.

“It has provided a noticeable difference in water flow. It certainly much improved on how it was before.”

Stuart Wykes, Homeowner

TapBoost Installation Single Outlet

Salamander Pumps TapBoost | Boost the Water Flow to a Single Outlet

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