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TapBoost Installation – Cruickshank Plumbing & Heating

When John at Cruickshank Plumbing and Heating heard that his customer needed to improve the water at a single tap in their home, he chose the Salamander Pumps’ TapBoost to overcome the problem.

Product: TapBoost

System type: Mains fed system

Installer details: Cruickshank Plumbing & Heating


Low water flow is a common problem in homes across the UK, this can be exceptionally frustrating when it’s at a frequently used outlet such as the kitchen tap. This is exactly what John from Cruickshank Plumbing and Heating was faced with when his customer contacted him looking for a solution.

The kitchen tap was experiencing extremely poor hot water flow. The hot water tank feeding the tap was sited very close to the tap, meaning that there was very little water being forced around the system.


He identified that TapBoost would offer a solution. After 20 minutes the pump was installed to the hot supply pipework and improving the hot water flow. His customer was extremely happy with the product as it was a quick, quiet, and cost-effective solution to their low water flow. The installer was also impressed with the difference made by TapBoost labelling it as ‘an amazing product’.

How to Install Two TapBoosts

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