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Why Would You Need a Water Boosting Solution?

Many homes across the UK suffer with low water pressure. Poorly performing showers, the bath or toilet take a long time to fill and trickling taps are just some of the pain points caused by poor water performance. But solutions are available to overcome these water pressure problems

Many older homes in the UK have a heating and hot water system that relies on gravity to move water around the home, this type of plumbing system is called a gravity fed system. Find out about the different plumbing systems.

Whilst perfectly adequate for most of a household’s needs, gravity fed systems can rarely provide enough pressure to give a powerful, invigorating power shower or quick bath-fill, and that’s where our GravityBooster range of products can help!

Our GravityBooster pumps push water around inside them, creating pressure which then forces the water out of the tap or shower more quickly, giving you that power shower experience using a pump. The additional pressure created by the pump helps create a more invigorating shower, or can help your bath fill more quickly.

Newer systems will likely to have a mains fed system, such as a combination boiler or unvented systems. These systems rely on the water pressure and flow supplied by the mains in the street. The mains supply might be low all the time, which would result in poor water pressure and flow in the home all the time. The mains pressure and flow might fluctuate during the day, with homes experiencing low water pressure and flow at peak usage times such as early morning when others in the street are also using the water.

Our MainsBooster range features inline pumps and accumulator tanks that will provide a consistent flow of water to meet demands of the property, ensuring that showers and taps are powerful no matter the time of day!

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