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TankBoost Installation – A & J Plumbing & Heating

Product: TankBoost 200L

System type: Mains-fed system

Installer details: A & J Plumbing & Heating

Date of install: September 2023


This new-build property has multiple outlets including a double shower, unfortunately the mains water supply was only 12L/min at 2 Bar, which was not able to provide a sufficient performance of all the outlets so they needed to improve the mains water pressure and flow. A & J Plumbing & Heating installed a new water main which increased the flow to 18L/min, but this still wasn’t enough to supply the required water flow.


The installer Gavin Nissen contacted Salamander Pumps’ technical team to find our what product would provide a solution. After learning more about the system the team recommended a TankBoost 200L was installed in this property. Watch the video below to see the results:

How to Increase Water Pressure and Flow in a Property with Multiple Outlets

The TankBoost mains water booster system will boost multiple outlets including showers, toilets, and taps, across multiple floors, all at the same time. Additional cold water storage is boosted by an integral submersible pump to increase both pressure and flow, delivering up to 3.0 Bar and 80L/min.

“The installation of the TankBoost was very simple. Water in and water out – that was it! <…> I certainly could recommend the TankBoost system to anybody requiring higher water flow and pressure.”

Gavin Nissen, A & J Plumbing & Heating

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