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Right Pump Installation – Metro Plumb

For this installation we partnered with national plumbing company, Metro Plumb.

Metro Plumb have installers located all over the UK who are highly trained in dealing with plumbing emergencies, carrying out plumbing repairs and fixing everything from dripping taps to leaky radiators.

Metro Plumb Engineer Installation Right Pump Shower Pump

Increasing Hot Water Pressure Throughout Your Home

Product: RP120SU

System type: Gravity fed system

Installer details: Metro Plumb

Date of install: October 2022


This customer had a gravity fed system and was experiencing low water pressure to their bathroom tap.


From the video you can see Shane from Metro Plumb fitting one of our centrifugal shower pumps (RP120SU) onto the clients hot water storage tank in their open vented heating system. Shane added new pipework, a WSP (Water Starvation Protection) kit to ensure the pump is protected from low water levels, and connected the pump to the system.

Shane made sure to check the water pressure before the install to see how poorly the tap was performing, then again after the install to show how much the pump improved the flow and pressure to the tap.

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