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Right Pump Installation – Andy Marks

Product: RP75TU

System type: Gravity-fed system

Installer details: Andy Marks

Date of install: February 2024


A householder, DIY influencer Becky Russell, decided to renovate her upstairs bathroom (which has shower, toilet, and tap). She has a standard gravity-fed system with a cold water storage tank located in the loft and a hot water cylinder located in an airing cupboard. Unfortunately, the water flow upstairs didn’t even reach 4 L/min, therefore she spoke to the Salamander Pumps team for advice on improving water performance.


Our Technical Training Manager recommended that Becky should install a whole house pump from the Right Pumps range – RP75TU. This would give a quiet solution and boost water to the shower and bathroom appliances

The dimensions of the cold water storage tank in the loft showed that there was a usable water capacity of 29 gallons however, a minimum required capacity for this full bathroom installation was 50 gallons of useable cold water to stop the pump running dry.

There are several options to overcome the shortfall in available water storage:

  • Install a larger tank,
  • Link another small tank to the existing tank,
  • Install a Salamander WSP (water starvation protection kit).

As the first two options were not suitable for this installation (there wasn’t enough space in the loft) a plumber, Andy Marks, installed a WSP kit.

The next step was to fit a flange to prevent any aerated water from damaging the pump impellers and seals. As the pump was situated above the hot water cylinder, the installation required a side entry no-stop Essex flange fitted along with an anti-gravity loop.

As a final step of the installation Andy installed the Right Pump in line with the installation manual guidelines,  keeping the hoses perfectly straight (as bending the hoses will restrict water flow to the pump).

Since the Right Pump installation Becky can enjoy a powerful shower and sufficient flow from her bathroom tap.

“Installing this pump from Salamander Pumps was the best thing about our bathroom makeover! Look at how much the water pressure increased.”

Becky Russell, householder

Perfect Right Pump Installation

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