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CT Force Installation – The Green Heating Co.

Product: CT Force

System type: Gravity fed system

Installer details: The Green Heating Co.


This householder had replaced their shower pump twice in less than 3 years due to the fact it had been installed incorrectly. The customer had been struggling with ongoing pump problems, including aeration and premature failure caused by incorrectly installed pipework and the use of substandard pumps. These issues occurred approximately six times per year, significantly affecting the reliability and performance of the shower system.

Seeking a lasting solution, the customer engaged The Green Heating Co. who has extensive experience in fitting Salamander Pumps’ products. The client required a resolution of recurring pump issues caused by incorrect pipework arrangement.


The main challenges faced when working on this were addressing the incorrect pipework arrangement, as well as selecting a replacement pump that ensures long-term reliability. Then, repositioning the pump for optimal performance and convenience. The installer analysed the customer’s situation and devised a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced. From his analysis, he decided to install a positive twin CT Force pump.

The implementation of the pump yielded positive outcomes and ensured the customer’s satisfaction, as she can now enjoy a working shower without the inconvenience of pump failures backed up by a 5 year warranty.

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