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The Solution to Low Water Pressure and the Benefits of a Pump

Low water pressure is something that can be solved with a pump. Learn how a pump can significantly improve the water pressure in your home.

Low water pressure is a common issue in many households. It can make taking a shower a frustrating experience or washing dishes a time-consuming task.

Fortunately, Salamander Pumps offers products that can significantly improve water pressure and flow in your home, with options for a range of plumbing systems.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the pumps suitable for a gravity system. Not sure what type of system you have? Click here to learn how to identify your water system.

The Benefits Of A Pump

A pump is an excellent investment for households experiencing low water pressure. Here are some of the benefits of installing a pump to improve your water pressure:

  1. Boosted Water Pressure: The primary benefit of a pump is that it improves water pressure in your home and boosts the flow of water. It improves the water pressure to the outlets it supplies, delivering a more powerful shower experience and stronger flowing taps.
  2. Easy To Integrate Into Your Home: Our gravity fed range of pumps – CT Xtra, CT Bathroom, CT Force and Right Pumps – have been designed to be compact so that they don’t take up too much space. These pumps are easy to install and their compact design means they can be conveniently fitted in airing cupboards, loft space or garage.
  3. Quiet, Yet Effective: All shower pumps make some noise as water is being moved at high pressure, but our pumps have been designed quiet and effective. They are also supplied with high quality, anti-vibration couplers to help minimise vibration from the installation ensuring noise transmitted is reduced. The CT Xtra, CT Force, and Right Pump ranges have been awarded the Quiet Mark, demonstrating that they are amongst the quietest products available in their category.
  4. Long Lasting: The Salamander Pumps gravity fed range features pumps that are robust and built to last, with the CT Force range backed up with a 5-year warranty.

Gravity Fed Range: The Solution To Low Water Pressure

If you have a gravity fed water system, you may experience lower water pressure than most. Without a pump, the gravity fed system offers notoriously poor water pressure and flow.

The good news is that the pumps in our GravityBooster range have been designed specifically for gravity fed systems. These pumps work by boosting the pressure of the water as it flows from the tank, providing a boost to your taps and shower heads.

 If poor water pressure is something you currently face, a pump is an excellent investment. Choosing the right pump for your needs is essential, but if you’re unsure, contact us today to discuss your options.

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