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How Can I Increase the Water Pressure in My Shower?

This guide explains how you can increase the water pressure to your shower, including tips for identifying your water system and choosing the right shower pump.

A rejuvenating shower is the perfect way to start or end your day. However, low water pressure can make this daily routine less than pleasant. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase the water pressure in your shower, and they’re easier to implement than you might think.

We’ve put together a short guide to help you identify your water system and then explain your options for improving your shower’s water pressure. We are certain that you’ll find an appropriate solution here, but if you’re uncertain, please contact us to discuss your options.

Determine Your Water System

 The first thing you need to do is identify the type of water system you have so that you can choose the right product for your needs. In the United Kingdom there are three common water systems:

  1. Gravity fed
  2. Mains fed: combi boiler
  3. Mains fed: unvented

If you have an older property, you likely have a gravity fed system, which on its own might have poor pressure and flow. It can be identified by a hot water cylinder in an airing cupboard and a large cold water storage tank in the loft.

Mains fed combi boilers are common and rely on mains pressure to deliver water. They are recognised by a wall-hung boiler and provide hot water on demand, without storage tanks.

Mains fed unvented, on the other hand, have a separate hot water cylinder that stores hot water at mains pressure. These systems can be recognised by a wall-hung boiler and metal-clad hot water storage tanks, but they don’t have a cold water storage tank.

Install A Pump From The GravityBooster Range

If you have a gravity-fed system and want to increase the water pressure in your shower, you can use one of the pumps from our GravityBooster range. Whether you need to boost water pressure for a single shower or tap, multiple outlets in the bathroom, or throughout the entire house, we have a solution for you.

The GravityBooster range includes:

  •  CT Xtra: Affordable and hard-working pumps suitable for boosting water pressure. CT50 Xtra and CT75 Xtra offer a cost-effective solution for improving the water pressure to a single thermostatic mixer shower in a positive head, gravity-fed system.
  • CT Bathroom: Designed specifically to meet the demands for water within a bathroom, en-suite, or utility room. CT Bathroom pumps will increase the water pressure to bath taps, basin taps, toilets, and showers. Suitable for up to four outlets.
  • CT Force: Built with robust brass ends and brass impellers, the CT Force range of high-quality, reliable pumps has been engineered to deliver increased water pressure to the shower, bathroom, or whole house in a gravity-fed system. Suitable for up to six outlets.
  • Right Pumps: Utilises centrifugal force to increase water pressure to the whole house, delivering the most powerful and quiet performance. Suitable for use with multiple outlets, including shower, bath, basin, toilet cistern and dishwasher. Suitable for up to eight outlets.
  • ORA: Affordable pumps that use centrifugal force to boost water pressure to a single thermostatic shower. Suitable for one outlet.

Install A Shower Pump From The MainsBooster Range

 If the demand for water in your home exceeds the capacity of the mains supply, you can use a product from our MainsBooster range to boost your water pressure or flow. With flow rates up to 36 litres per minute (L/min), the MainsBooster range offers products suitable for most properties.

The MainsBooster range of products includes:

  • CombiBoost: Designed to boost the mains water supply to a combination boiler, increasing the water flow to up to 10 litres per minute. It sits directly on the incoming mains water and can be a lifesaver for properties with low mains supply.
  •  HomeBoost: An inline mains booster pump that’ll deliver up to 12 litres per minute to a combination boiler. It detects when the incoming mains water is below 12 litres per minute and quietly boosts the incoming mains water flow.
  •  AccuBoost Accumulator: Ideal for increasing water flow to properties with insufficient mains supply. AccuBoost accumulators store water under pressure, when an outlet is opened the water is forced out of the vessel to the outlets to deliver increased water flow. 60L, 120L and 180L models are suitable for a combination boiler and 330L and 450L will boost the water to an unvented cylinder.
  •  TankBoost: An all-in-one solution consisting of a water storage tank and an integrated submerged pump. It’s perfect for boosting multiple outlets across multiple floors, all at the same time, in a mains-fed system. With an integral submersible pump, it can increase both pressure and flow, delivering up to 3.0 Bar and 80 L/min.
  • TapBoost is another booster pump within the MainsBooster range that is not specifically used to boost shower water pressure. If you’re looking to boost the flow to a single outlet like a kitchen or bathroom tap, then TapBoost can provide a solution.

Check The Shower Pump Is Right For The Job

 If you already have a shower pump installed and you’re still experiencing low water pressure, it is possible that the pump is not suitable for the system. In this case, you will need to choose a pump that is right for the job. When choosing a new shower pump, it is important to consider factors such as the system type, the outlets to be pumped, noise level, and warranty duration.


Whether your shower system is gravity fed or mains fed, Salamander Pumps offers solutions that guarantee a satisfying and dependable shower experience with higher water pressure and better flow.

Find the right product for your home with Salamander Pumps.

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