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How to Clean Shower Pump Filters

Your shower pump may need to have its filters cleaned when it has been slow to activate for some time, and it has stopped coming on as quick as it should do, or when it isn’t coming on at all. In this case you need to check that the inlet filters aren’t blocked.

Your filters shouldn’t get blocked up as your cold water tank needs to be kept clean, but there are times when some debris can be washed into the filters or can come through from the hot water cylinder.

Cleaning the filters on a shower pump

It’s easy to check the filters on the pump. First you need to turn off the inlets and outlets, if you don’t have isolating valves on the outlets you may need to catch some backflow water in a towel.  If you have a twin ended pump make sure that you turn off the inlets and outlets at both ends of the pump. Then you need to unscrew the inlet hose, and inside you will have a filter that is kept captive. Give the filter a rinse under a tap, then return it to the inside of the hose and screw the hose back into place. To recommission the pump, reopen the isolating valves and allow the pump to be filled with water.

Someone connecting a wire to a shower pump
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