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How can I check whether my system is suitable for a positive head pump?

A positive head pump will activate when a minimum flow of water passes through the pump and out of the pumped outlet, such as a shower or tap, naturally (without assistance from the pump). The minimum flow rate required for our positive head pumps is 2 litres of water per minute (L/min).

You will need to measure the flow rate to determine if a positive head pump is suitable for your system. You will need to test all outlets, such as showers and taps, that are going to be pumped to determine if they have the required minimum flow rate of 2L/min. Watch our video to learn how to measure the water flow rate.

If you cannot measure the water flow rate, then you can check if the system is suitable for a positive head pump if there is more than 600 mm between the base of the cold-water storage tank and the highest point in the system after the pump.

If you are unable to achieve the minimum flow rate of 1 litre per 30 seconds from all outlets that are to be pumped you will need to install a negative (universal) head pump.

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