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How do I fit a no stop Essex flange?

  1. Turn off the water supply to the hot water cylinder then open the hot water taps and empty the hot water cylinder.
  2. Remove a square of insulation/ lagging from the hot water. Using one of the brass washers included in the kit, draw a circle using the inner side of the washer. Mark a centre point inside the circle you have drawn this is your drill point location.
  3. Using a hole saw cutter, cut the hole to correct size of a smaller (inner) circle (for 22mm no stop Essex flange hole saw diameter should be 1.5’’).
  4. Straighten wire holder and pass through the body of the flange. Take holder in one hand and with the other, manipulate flanged end of body into hole of the hot water cylinder. Ensure the wire arms hold the body of the flange before fully inserting into the hot water cylinder, so not to drop it!
  5. Thread split brass washer on holder and with the aid of the split insert into hole in a spiral manner. Place washer into position on body and against flange. Follow this with one jointing washer.
  6. The flange must now be pulled into position. The body should be in the centre of the hole. Holding the fitting firmly in position add the second jointing washer, brass washer, and nut. Apply jointing compound to the thread before screwing up.
  7. Make the joint as tight as possible.
  8. Remove wire holder from tank.

Watch the video with step-by-step installation of a 22mm no stop Essex flange on a hot water cylinder.

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