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How do you measure water flow rate in the mains with AquaScan?

  • Connect AquaScan to the outlet.
  • Take three measurements from the live ‘Flow’ reading.
  • Calculate the average of the three measurements.

A garden tap is the best location to measure the incoming flow rate. When this isn’t possible, such as in properties where there is no outside tap, measuring the flow rate while multiple outlets are open is the best way to calculate the incoming flow rate. As this ensures any restrictive outlets do not impact the measurement.

  • Attach AquaScan to one outlet and turn on. Record the flow rate.
  • Open another outlet (so both are turned on).
  • Check the flow rate on AquaScan:
    • If the flow rate remains the same, then continue to open further outlets until it decreases.
    • If the flow rate decreases, use AquaScan to measure the flow rate at each outlet (all outlets must remain turned on), make a note of the flow rate in the specification notepad. Add together the flow rates to determine the total flow rate.

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