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How does a shower pump work?

Shower pumps are designed to improve the water pressure in a gravity fed system by increasing the volume of water which is pumped through the pipes. We manufacture two types of pumps which work in slightly different ways.

Regenerative shower pumps, such as our CT Xtra, CT Bathroom and CT Force ranges, have a water wheel impeller inside the end of the pump. Water enters the shower pump through the inlet, the impeller spins the water around inside the impeller casing, building pressure as the water travels around the end of the pump. Between the inlet and the outlet of the shower pump there is a stripping block, this strips the water from the impeller and directs the water out of the top of the pump.

Our ORA and Right Pump ranges are centrifugal pumps. To increase the water pressure in a system these pumps utilise centrifugal force. Water enters through the inlet on the end of the shower pump, filling the impeller chamber and the impeller. As the impeller spins, water is forced outwards using centrifugal force, this builds higher pressure within the chamber which thrusting water out the top of the pump.

This method of increasing pressure results in a higher flow efficiency than with a regenerative shower pump, so installations with multiple bathrooms can benefit from installing a centrifugal pump. There is also no need to strip the water from the impeller as centrifugal force directs the water out of the pump, this makes centrifugal pumps quiet.

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