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In a system with a system pressure greater than 2.0 bar and a mains flow rate less than 12 litres per minute should a pumped or unpumped accumulator be installed?

It is rare that a system would have these measurements. These results may be caused by a restrictive mains pipe, such as a lead main. In this circumstances contact Salamander Pumps for advice.

A restrictive outlet may also give these results. Therefore, when checking the flow rate, you should open multiple outlets to get the most accurate measure.

For example, turn on two taps and the shower so they are fully open. While all are turned on, measure the number of litres per minute you get from all three outlets. Then combine the results together, this tells us the flow rate coming into the property –

Outlet Flow rate (litres per minute)
Shower 6
Tap 1 2
Tap 2 2
Total flow rate 10

In this example the flow rate is still below 12 litres per minute, therefore a pumped unit is required.

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