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My positive head shower pump will not start, what should I do?

A positive head pump requires a minimum flow rate of 2 litres per minute (L/min) to pass through the pump and out of the outlet, such as a tap or shower. 2L/min of both hot and cold water is required to turn on. If the flow rate is not at or above 2 L/min then the shower pump will not start. Click here to learn how to measure the flow rate.

Reasons why a positive head pump will not turn on:

  1. There isn’t enough water flow to activate the pump, in this case a negative head (universal) pump should be installed.
  2. A blocked or scaled shower head is restricting the water flow.
  3. A twisted or damaged shower hose is restricting the water flow.
  4. There is no electricity to the pump.
  5. Debris in the filters to the pump, stopping the water flow. Click here to find out how to clean filters.

Watch our video to learn what to do when a positive pump will not turn on.

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