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The shower pump keeps stopping and starting when no showers or taps are turned on, what should I do?

If the pump is positive head (doesn’t have a pressure vessel) and is turning on and off during use, this is most likely due to the amount of water coming into the pump not being enough to make the pump kick in. Positive head require 2 litres per minute (L/min) per side to activate so it might be that the flow is stopping and starting. Watch our video to learn how to measure water flow rate – this will help to determine if the system has the necessary flow rates for a positive head pump.

A negative head (universal) pump is indicated by a pressure vessel (as shown in the picture). These pumps turn on when they sense a pressure drop in the system. A dripping tap or leak in the system can cause the system pressure to drop which would activate a negative head pump, even though all outlets are turned off. This is called ‘hunting’. When a pump is ‘hunting’ you will hear the pump switch on for a few seconds when no outlets are open.

An isolation test will help to determine if a leak in the system is causing the pump to hunt. Watch our video to learn how to carry out an isolation test.

If the pump turns on while the outlet isolating valves are turned off, then it could be down to low or no pressure in the pressure vessel. Watch our video to learn how to check the pressure vessel – you will need a flat head screwdriver, and a foot pump with a gauge to carry out the test.

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