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What accessories is AquaScan supplied with?

AquaScan unit is supplied in a robust case with included connection accessories to allow the product to connect to multiple outlets, specification notepad, integral rechargeable battery, charged via USB C cable.

  • AquaScan unit
  • USB-C to USB cable 1m
  • Salamander Pumps pen
  • ¾” male thread hose connector
  • ¾” female thread hose connector
  • 15mm pipe push fit to ¾” thread
  • 22mm pipe push fit to ¾” thread
  • Mixer hose tap connector
  • Single tap hose connector
  • ¾” thread adaptor (top part which is to be placed on ¾” female thread hose connector as shown)
  • ½” threaded male to male connector
  • ¾” and ½” washers
  • Flexible hose with connections ¾” male and ¾” female overall 300mm length
  • ¾” threaded male to quick connector
  • ¾” threaded female to quick connector
  • Tap connector male and female aerated threaded hose connector

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