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What are the main types of flanges?

There are various flanges available, including:

  • Surrey Flange, such as Salamander Pumps’ ‘S’ type flange
  • Warix flange
  • No Stop Essex flange

Salamander Pumps’ S-type flange and Warix flanges are both top entry, meaning that they connect onto the hot draw off connection on the dome of a standard hot water cylinder. On the S-type flange the side connection supplies the hot feed to the pump and the top connection to the open vent pipe, whereas on the Warix flange, the pump supply connection is taken from the top and the vent pipe from the side connection.

A no stop Essex flange is a side entry flange, which requires drilling into the side of the cylinder. This flange is best for when a pump needs to be situated above the hot water cylinder and provides an unrestricted hot water supply into the pump.

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