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What is a gravity fed system?

If you live in an older property, there is a good chance you have a gravity fed system. Renowned for poor water pressure and flow.

A gravity fed system consists of a large cold water storage tank usually located in the loft and a hot water cylinder located in an airing cupboard. These systems rely on gravity to force water around the system, with the height of the cold-water storage tank determining the pressure throughout the system.

Cold water is delivered to a cold-water storage tank from the water mains. Cold water from the cold-water storage tank is then supplied to the outlets around the system, such as taps, toilets, showers and baths. Once an outlet requiring hot water is opened, gravity will force cold water from the cold-water storage tank into the hot water cylinder, this will then force hot water out from the top of the cylinder, delivering hot water to the open outlet.

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