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What type of hot water system do I have?

There are three main types of hot water system in the United Kingdom – gravity fed, mains fed: combination boiler, and mains fed unvented cylinder.

Gravity fed

  • If you live in an older property there’s a good chance you have a gravity fed system, renowned for poor pressure and flow.
  • These systems are identified by a hot water cylinder stored in an airing cupboard, and a large cold water storage tank, often located in the loft.

Mains fed: Combi boiler

  • Combination boilers are common and rely solely on mains pressure to deliver water around your home.
  • These systems are identified by a wall hung boiler.
  • In a combi boiler system hot water is available on demand, and there are no water storage tanks.

Mains fed: Unvented

  • Unvented systems require a separate hot water cylinder to store a quantity of hot water at mains pressure.
  • These systems are identified by a wall hung boiler and metal-clad hot water storage tanks and no cold water storage.

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