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SuperBooster Packs Now Available

Powerful and offering greater flexibility for installation, we’re pleased to announce the launch of SuperBooster packs. Including two single ended, universal (negative head) pumps from our Right Pump range, SuperBooster packs can be used to ‘split’ a pumped installation, with one pump used to boost the cold water pressure and the other to boost the hot water pressure.

Like the other pumps in the Right Pump range, SuperBooster packs use centrifugal technology to increase the water pressure in a gravity fed system. This method of boosting the water pressure is quieter and more flow efficient than other methods, which makes Right Pumps the best option for whole house applications.

A SuperBooster pack offers a great option for large homes supplied by gravity fed system, as two individual pumps deliver higher pressures across hot and cold water compared to a twin pump.

SuperBooster installation diagram

It is recommended to use a SuperBooster pack in a gravity fed system where the hot or cold water will regularly be used individually, such as when supplying cold water to an electric shower, as this prevents extended periods of ‘closed head running’, which happens when only one side of the pump is used.

The SuperBooster pack provides greater flexibility during installation compared to a twin pump, as two single negative head pumps can be located separately, allowing one pump to be located near the cold water tank and the other near to the hot water cylinder.

SuperBooster Pack Features

Salamander Pumps SuperBooster pack on black background

  • Suitable for a gravity fed system.
  • Boost hot and cold water individually with two single ended pumps.
  • Delivers higher pressure compared to a twin pump.
  • Offers flexible solution so pumps can be located separately.
  • 3 year warranty.

SuperBooster packs are available in two sizes:

  • RP80SU SB – 2 x 2.4 bar single universal centrifugal whole house and shower pump.
  • RP120SU SB – 2 x 3.6 bar single universal centrifugal whole house and shower pump.
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