All shower pumps will make some noise, but Salamander Pumps are some of the quietest on the market

When choosing which shower pump to install noise is an important factor to consider, which is why we have engineered our pumps so that they are amongst the quietest on the market.  

There are a number of factors which can affect the noise of shower pumps, including pump type and the installation. Click here to learn more about shower pump noise. 

Independent testing against competitor products has proven than Salamander's shower pumps are some of the quietest available, in fact  testing showed that the RP50PT is the quietest twin shower pump in the UK*.

Shower Pump Noise Video

To gain an understanding of the noise of a shower pump, click the link below to watch a single brass CT Force 20PS in action.

CT Force shower pump noise

Understand Shower Pump Noise

Watch the video below to find out why shower pumps make noise and how you can ensure that your shower pump is as quiet as possible.

Quiet Mark

CT Xtra, CT ForceRight Pumps, and HomeBoost have been awarded Quiet Mark, confirmng that they're one of the quietest in their categories.


* Independently tested, contact Salamander Pumps for further information.
* RP50PT has been independently tested to run at just 45.5dBA.  For more information on the independent testing please call 0191 516 2002.



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