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Test your water flow

Use our interactive flow calculator to work out the flow rate of a single outlet.

All you need for the test is a measuring jug with litres/millilitres measurements and a timer, then our flow calculator will do the hard work. Take the test now.

Flow Calculator:


Time taken to fill the jug in seconds:


How much water was collected:      


Flow was collected in:

Liters Millilitres


Gravity-fed systems – If you’re looking for a pump to boost the hot and cold water in a gravity-fed system, you will need to measure the hot and cold water flow for all outlets to be pumped. If you’re just looking to boost either the hot or cold water, you will need to check this across all outlets to be pumped.

Mains-fed systems – To find the right product from our mains-fed range, you will need to measure the flow rate of the incoming mains water by carrying out the test on the cold outlet closest to the stop tap, such as the kitchen tap or a garden tap.

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