Warranty Registration Form

To register your warranty, please complete the steps below.

Only forms marked with an * are required. 

If you have had a replacement pump under an existing warranty you DO NOT need to complete this form. 

Please enter the serial number then click the 'check serial' number button. 

If the serial number isn't recognised please double check that it has been entered in the same format as it is shown on the pump label.

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information Where is my serial number?

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The pump serial number can be found on the label on the pump. The label will look like the images shown below, and the highlighted digits are the pump serial number. Please be aware the label colour could be different to those shown.

example of serial number location

Pumps manufactured after February 2021 will have one of the following labels -

CT Xtra
CT Bathroom
CT Force
Right Pumps



If your serial number begins with the letter 'T' then you have received a replacement pump from us, and do not need to complete this form.

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