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Solutions for Low Water Pressure

Too many households in Britain simply make do with low water pressure.

From lack-lustre showers to trickling taps, there’s no reason why we should put up with these everyday annoyances, especially when there’s so many low water pressure solutions out there.

In our latest blog post, we talk you through some of the solutions for low water pressure — you’ll be surprised at how simple they are!

Repairing Damaged Pipes

Cracked or damaged pipes can have a huge impact on your home’s water pressure. Just like a straw with a hole in it, water is lost through the cracks in the pipes, lowering the overall water pressure inside the system.

The trickiest part about this issue is that it’s often difficult to locate the damaged pipes. Check your exposed pipework first to ensure the problem isn’t easily identifiable. If it isn’t, turn off all taps and water sources inside and outside your home and note down the reading on your water meter. Read the water meter again after two hours — if the reading has increased, it’s likely that you have a leak and should call a plumber.

Removing Mineral Build-up

Mineral deposits can gather inside of pipes and on shower heads, which can restrict the flow of water and create a lower water pressure. It’s relatively easy to clean away the deposits from taps and shower heads — a solution of water with lemon or vinegar usually does the trick.

If you fear the problem is more serious than a build-up of lime scale on your shower head, contact a plumber for further advice.

Install a Pump

If your low water pressure persists even after you’ve rectified the above issues, you may require a water pressure pump. There are a number of different domestic pumps on the market, from those that can power just one shower or set of taps through to mains water pumps that power the water through the whole house.

The choice of pump depends on a number of factors including the following:

  • The type of heating system you have;
  • What it is that needs to be pumped (just a shower or taps or the whole house);
  • Where the pump is going to be situated.

If you think a water pump might be the solution to your low water pressure, explore our products range.

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