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How do I measure my flow rate?

Measuring the water flow is an important step in choosing the right pump. Water flow rate is measured in litres per minute (L/min).

To measure the water flow rate, you will need a measuring jug and a timer.

  1. Hold the measuring jug under the outlet which will be boosted.
  2. Turn the outlet onto fully hot or cold (depending on which is to be boosted).
  3. Measure the water in the jug after 10 seconds, in litres.
  4. Multiply the amount of water by 6 to measure the number of litres per minute.

For example, if you gathered 600ml in 10 seconds, to calculate the flow rate in litres per minute – 600 x 6 = 3600ML per minute = 3.6L/min.

You can also use our interactive flow calculator to work out the flow rate of a single outlet.

Learn how to measure your water flow from the video.

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