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How do I check the pre-charge pressure of an accumulator vessel?

If you’re following on from our FAQ ‘Why is the pump on the accumulator running on/won’t turn off?’, you need to open the isolation valves on the outlet hoses and the tank connector hose before carrying out these steps.

To check the pre-charge pressure, first drain the tank by turning off the electricity to the pump (if pumped), then close the inlet of the pump.

Next open all outlets in the property until no more water is comes out or it trickles out. Remove the black cap on the top of the tank, revealing the Schrader valve. Place a pump with a pressure gauge, such as a bicycle pump, on the Schrader valve and check the pressure. If the pressure is less than 1.5 bar, increase it to 1.5 bar using the pump. If it is already 1.5 bar, contact Salamander Pumps.

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