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Introducing Our Latest Innovation – AquaScan

AquaScan.Salamander Pumps is proud to launch a first of its kind tool that goes beyond our traditional water boosting products – AquaScan is a high-quality, robust digital water multimeter designed to make water testing easier and more efficient for professional installers.

Manufactured in the UK, AquaScan combines cutting-edge water measurement technologies to simplify the water testing experience like never before. Allowing installers to accurately measure water pressure, flow, temperature, and hardness with unparalleled precision.

Designed for a number of applications, AquaScan comes with a range of accessories to allow for easy connection to various outlet types, including taps, showers, pipework, and hoses. Whatever outlet you’re testing, you can easily find the right connection supplied with the kit.

Featuring simple connections and clear, precise readings, this tool empowers installers to perform comprehensive water testing with confidence and accuracy.

AquaScan will provide the key measurements needed to diagnose a water system, aiding installers with a range of tasks, including specifying combination boilers, servicing unvented cylinders, identifying issues and upgrading their customer’s system.

The device also helps installers not only to get the water insights needed for selecting the right product for the installation, but to also quickly understand if there are any water temperature, pressure and/or flow issues in an existing or new pump installation as well as identify any hard water areas that could be detrimental to energy efficiency due to limescale build-up.

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