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Salamander Pumps Launches a Range of Catalytic Water Conditioners

Around 60% of the UK is classed as having hard or very hard water, with many areas exhibiting over 200 mg of calcium carbonate per litre.* The hard water causes chalky, limescale deposits to form in kettles, showers, inside pipes and other appliances. Limescale doesn’t just look unsightly, but it also increases energy consumption and causes damage to appliances such as boilers and washing machines.

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Salamander Pumps has launched a range of water conditioners to prevent limescale build-up in a single outlet or the whole house.  The range has been designed to match various water flow rates, from 1 to 54 L/min.

Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium. When the temperature or pH of hard water rises, the calcium reverts to its solid state known as calcium carbonate. This process leads to the formation of calcite crystals that stick together, resulting in solid scale deposits within pipes, pumps, and appliances.

Salamander Pumps’ catalytic water conditioners use an alloy core to create turbulence and a catalytic reaction, which changes the calcium carbonate from calcite to aragonite. There are no chemicals or salt used in this process, the calcium carbonate is still present but can pass through the system without depositing as scale. Nothing is added or removed from the water, so the water is safe to drink.

The Salamander Pumps’ range of water conditioners is ideal for customers in hard water areas, they are quick and easy to install, with an inline design to minimize space consumption, and require no electricity or maintenance.

The water conditioners are sized based on the amount of water flowing through them; therefore, it is very important to check the flow rate of the incoming water to determine the correct water conditioner. Click here to learn how to check your water flow rate.

Salamander Pumps’ Water Conditioners range is available to order.

*Source: DWI UK Water Hardness Map

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