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CT50 Xtra/ CT50+ Xtra

The CT50/50+ Xtra pump is a twin shower pump suitable for boosting water pressure in positive head, gravity fed installations.

The CT50/50+ Xtra is a hard-working affordable pump and is the best-selling pump in the range. Robust, compact and quiet this pump is the ideal way to boost the water pressure to a single shower.

  • Compact in size for fitting into tight spaces
  • Quiet - the quietest 1.5 bar regenerative plastic shower pump on the market*
  • Value for money - entry level pump.
  • Continuously rated motor - runs as long as it needs to.
  • AV couplers included

*Independently tested. Contact us for more information.

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Ensure the product you purchase is correct for your region to avoid invalidating the warranty.  For Republic Of Ireland customers – please note we have a dedicated range of products with different product codes:

CT50/50+Xtra - UK

CT54Xtra - ROI

The CT50/50+ Xtra is a 1.5 bar twin regenerative shower pump suitable for boosting water performance in a gravity fed, positive head system.

This pump can be used with conventional showers and a shower head up to 100mm. AV couplers are included and the CT50+ Xtra also comes with isolating valves.

Our entire range of CT Xtra pumps  is protected by the following patent: Integrated volute - GB2465392B.

Guarantee 3 years
Pump Type Regenerative
Mecahnical Seal Nitrile/Carbon/Ceramic
Noise 52.5dBA*
Anti-vibration feet Yes
Inlet isolators on '+' variant
Flexible Hoses 4
Pressure @ closed head 1.5 bar
Pressure @ 8lpm 1.3 bar
Pressure @ 16lpm 1.0 bar
Maximum water Temperature 65°C
Pump connections 3/4" BSP
Hose connections (UK model) 3/4" female x 15 mm push-fit x 195 mm long  
Hose connections (ROI model) 3/4" female x 21mm push-fit x 195mm long
Motor type A.C Induction
Motor duty rating Continuously rated
Power supply 230V
Current (full load) 1.97 amps
Power consumption 455 watts
Fuse rating 3 Amps
Power cable (pre-wired) 1.5 metres
Enclosure protection (IP rating) IPX2
Length 185mm
Width 120mm
Height (Excluding hoses) 160mm
Weight (Excluding hoses) 3.88 kg


*Independently tested. Contact Salamanader Pumps for more information.


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